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“MINEX is user of COINCAP ERP solution since 1999 and seen its evolution over the period .The Team COINCAP is one of the most customer friendly and effective and has never let us down . COINCAP is trustworthy , has ability to understand various business process and find out cost effective smart solutions. We look forward to a close co operation with COINCAP in future and Thank for all the support.” - S.B.Misra, Managing Director, Minex Metallurgical Co. Ltd.

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The main strength of COINCAP is 100% guaranteed implementation...

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We have been trusted by indian as well as multi-nationals in the country. Here is a list of some of our esteemed clients.

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Financial Accounting Info Pipes

Financial Accounting Module features are as below -

Finance Management Features
  • Multiple controls in financial accounting based of parameters. Some of them are as follows;
    • Book Received Material as per Indent on PO
    • Print Bank Closing Balance on Every Transaction
    • Use Bankers Buying Selling Rate
    • Separate Bank Voucher No. Generation for Debit & Credit Vouchers
    • Generate Bank Voucher No.
    • Cost Centre wise budget
    • Cost Centre to be accepted at Detail Transaction Level
    • Cost Centre wise Salary JV
    • Generate Debit Note/Credit Note No.
    • Batch Tracking Enable
    • GAR Anchor Enable
    • Gate Entry Enable
    • Grade Wise Salary JV
    • Ordering Multiple Enable
    • Previous Date's JVs Allowed
    • JV Number Generation
    • Ledger Closing Balance
    • Control Purchase Orders for Minimum/Maximum Quantity
    • Month End Procedure Enable
    • Online Budget Tracking
    • Book Date Enable on Purchase Bill
    • Generate Purchase Entry No.
    • Purchase Bill Inward Entry Enable
    • Print Petty Cash Closing Balance on Every Transaction
    • Separate Cash Voucher No Generation for Debit & Credit Vouchers
    • Generate Petty Cash Voucher No.
    • JV based Purchase Debit / Credit Note Generation
    • Skip Packing List
    • Purchase Order Release System Enable
    • Stock Adjustment Approval Required
    • Generate Sales Debit/Credit Note No.
    • Yearly AR4 No. Generation
    • Yearly Job No. Generation
    • Sales Order Approval
    • Warehouses Exist
    • Sales Order printing must
  • Separate Categories for Financial Ledger linked to Sales and Purchases.
  • User defined sub-ledgers.
  • User Defined columns for Petty cash and Debit / Credit Note Registers
  • Posting of Other Incidental Charges in Ledger based on users defined GL codes.
  • Voucher based payments to employee with yearly cap on them.
  • Statutory forms definition with their % and Set-off.
  • Sales LC and Purchase LC
  • Dishonoured Cheques and Post Dated Cheques with bank reconciliation
  • On-Line approvals of vouchers with limits.
  • Facility to POST / UNPOST Transactions in Financial Ledger.
  • Facility to Close and Open Day / Month / Year
  • Sales and Purchase Registers with Sales Tax and Excise Summary
  • 3CD Tax Audit Report (Under evaluation).
  • Sales Tax Forms Reminders
  • Balance Confirmation Letters and Statement of Account Letters.
  • Filter definition on Accounts and taking ledger from it.
  • User define chart of accounts with facility to declare multiple control codes to bank / cash / debtors / creditors.
  • Separate identity of TDS control codes and entire TDS accounting with
  • Form-26 and E-TDS.
  • Separate identity of TDS % for given period.
  • Facility to Audit Entries On-Line with remarks
  • Advance Payments / Receipts against Purchase / Sales Orders tied up with payment terms.
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