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“MINEX is user of COINCAP ERP solution since 1999 and seen its evolution over the period .The Team COINCAP is one of the most customer friendly and effective and has never let us down . COINCAP is trustworthy , has ability to understand various business process and find out cost effective smart solutions. We look forward to a close co operation with COINCAP in future and Thank for all the support.” - S.B.Misra, Managing Director, Minex Metallurgical Co. Ltd.

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The main strength of COINCAP is 100% guaranteed implementation...

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We have been trusted by indian as well as multi-nationals in the country. Here is a list of some of our esteemed clients.

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Inventory Info Pipes

Inventory Module features are mentioned below -

Inventory Module Features
  • Declaration of batch tracking at Main Group Level, Sub-Group Level, Sub-sub Group level or Item level to provide total flexibility and inheritance.
  • Weight Calculation based on type of material and specific gravity.
  • Location and warehouse based inventory.
  • Item Interchange ability with proper material accounting
  • Bonding and de-bonding facility of imported material.
  • Gate Entry based on parameter to track incoming material
  • Item Movement Ledger with LIFO/FIFO/Weighted Average Rates
  • Below Order levels with Automatic PO Generations
  • Fast / Slow Moving Items
  • ABC analysis of Stock based on Availability and Consumption
  • Physical Stock variance and adjustments thereof.
  • Goods Arrival Anchoring warning when releasing payment.
  • Family Definition with combination of Item Category.
  • Landed Cost Calculation.
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