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Our next version COINCAP-III ERP has been launched.

What our customers say...

“MINEX is user of COINCAP ERP solution since 1999 and seen its evolution over the period .The Team COINCAP is one of the most customer friendly and effective and has never let us down . COINCAP is trustworthy , has ability to understand various business process and find out cost effective smart solutions. We look forward to a close co operation with COINCAP in future and Thank for all the support.” - S.B.Misra, Managing Director, Minex Metallurgical Co. Ltd.

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Why us...

The main strength of COINCAP is 100% guaranteed implementation...

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We have been trusted by indian as well as multi-nationals in the country. Here is a list of some of our esteemed clients.

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The main strength of COINCAP is 100% guaranteed implementation, subject to terms and conditions agreed upon in the beginning.

Below are some of the other factors that differentiate us from the rest -

Unlimited users
COINCAP comes with no limitations on number of users at one site [Server]. It uses the concept of connect and use.
COIN-GRID user interface
COINCAP comes with “COIN-GRID” user interface looks like MS-Excel spreadsheet. User gets acquainted fast and time on user training is minimised. This interface ensures fast but validated data entry.
User definable Alerts
COINCAP provides user definable alert system, which sends messages on conditions which are specified by users on any form/columns. These messages can form workflow for users.
User definable Reports
COINCAP provides user definable Grid reports. These can be created by the user using an intuitve report/query builder and added to the menu system and all of this can be done from COINCAP itself. The output can be exported to Ms-Excel/Other formats for further processing.
Fully Secured Data
COINCAP provides all relevant information to only those who are authorized. It properly controls activities through its own 2-layer security system.
On-line Budget control on expenditures
COINCAP accepts budget for GL codes and for a Cost Centre and stops transactions if “On-Line Budget Tracking is set”. In “Off-Line” mode it gives budget v/s actual MIS with indication of “Budget Exceed on A/c”.
Customisable Literals and Column Headings
COINCAP provides flexible column headers and literals, which can be set at the time of installation and at any other time. User may use two different languages.
Flexibility in defining selection criteria for Reports
COINCAP provides a plethora of reports with various permutations and combinations, which are set from COINCAP itself.
Integrated Payroll with electronic time attendance system
COINCAP Integrates payroll with electronic time attendance system. Feature of Excel file Import/Export comes handy.
Flexible material categories for better control on Inventory
COINCAP provides standard’s of material coding and also provides additional user-defined material category codes to classify and control the inventory in a better, dynamic way.
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